IT Project IT Project Management

With You Every Step of the Way

IT Project Management at RAV. Best practices are used by our Project Managers to ensure that project objectives are achieved on time and on budget. The Project Managers work closely with customers every step of the way facilitating also conversation and anticipated outcomes.

Integration—Equipment integration happens for all equipment purchased through RAV. Special integration requests can be processed as well (hard drive thrashing, extended burn-in testing, special firmware revisions, etc.). Depending on the level of involvement, they are either value-add or services based.

Staging—Equipment can be staged and powered on at RAV for extended time periods when required (Data Centers being built out, moves, etc.). Nevertheless, RAV can provide access to equipment remotely, or on site, and often offer training / implementation services for configuration.

Rack & Stack—When possible, full solutions stacks purchased can be built out and shipped as a complete integrated stack at the physical level (racking equipment, cabling the interconnectivity of equipment, powering all equipment, etc.).

Technical Services (IP config, OS config)—Additional technical configuration can be added, generally as a service engagement (loading IP’s, adding OS’s, and configuring any of the logical configurations of solution stacks). however, this varies based upon the level of technician or architect required to complete the work.

Rollout Services—Finally, RAV supports large scale or phased deployments based upon the needs for the desired configuration.

IT Project Management is main important for RAV at the beginning of the project